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4th Serving God & Others
The five courses in this program focus on what individuals and churches do to serve and the ethics that guide their actions.
CL4340 - What Churches Do
Have you ever wondered why churches exist? What does it really mean to be baptized, to take communion, and to dedicate babies? Or perhaps you have heard someone ask, “Do I need to go to church? Why can’t I just worship God in nature or in my home?” What would you answer? Whether you attend church services regularly or not, this course will interest you. We will follow the experiences of Mary, a new convert, and her fiancé, Timothy. Timo...More

CL5150 - Personal Evangelism
Now that you have accepted Jesus into your heart and He has become your personal, living Savior, many questions may have come to your mind. What is the Christian life all about? What am I supposed to do? No matter who you are, you have been chosen by God to tell others of your experience with Jesus Christ and His saving power. That is personal evangelism! This study course will help you to understand the true nature of personal evangelism. ...More

CL5250 - Christian Workers
This course tells how God has organized the church according to His plan and purpose. It explains why there are different types of workers in the church. It describes the kind of person a Christian worker should be. And it gives practical suggestions you can follow in finding and developing your own gifts. It will help you understand how you can work with the leaders in your church and minister to those around you....More

CL5350 - The Teaching Ministry
My friend Donna came to our home Bible study and listened and learned as we taught God’s Word. Donna became excited about what she learned. She went home and began to teach her seven children. Each of them became a Christian. Then she invited the children in her neighborhood to go to her home one afternoon a week. She taught them about Jesus. Many of the children learned to love Jesus. They accepted Him as their Savior. Donna became a teacher o...More

CL6160 - Bible Ethics
This course will help you see the rules that were made to help you be holy as He is holy. It will help you see that these rules for right living are made for your own good. God is interested in what you are rather than in what you do not do as a Christian....More