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This is one course which focuses on the foundation of any who would become a Christ follower. A firm foundation is necessary for a house which will stand the test of time. Learn it early and be reminded of these truths often throughout life!
1st Begin With the Foundation
Five courses which focus on God's plan for you, prayer, your bible and the Gospel of John.
2nd Connecting with God
Five courses with focus on who Jesus is, who the Holy Spirit is, who the Church is and what this means to a Christ follower.
3rd Growing in Christ
The five courses in this program focus on what individuals and churches do to serve and the ethics that guide their actions.
4th Serving God & Others
Five courses focusing on your responsibility to mature as a Christ follower. Discover how Jesus would relate to family at home, within community, and with His (our) Father in heaven.
5th Walking His Way
Four courses reveal what it means to become a student of the Word. Study methods, OT & NT surveys, and the main teachings repeated throughout the bible.
6th Knowing The Word
These five courses will walk us through God's plan to partner with His redeemed children to bring His love to those who would receive it.
7th Becoming God's Partners
The three courses in this program will focus on God's provision of good and perfect gifts to His Church. He will empower us to do what we are called to do.
8th God's Provision for His Partners
The three courses will focus will be on living a God honoring life within our culture. These are the final courses required to earn your Christian Service Certificate.
9th God's Culture on Earth