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8th God's Provision for His Partners
The three courses in this program will focus on God's provision of good and perfect gifts to His Church. He will empower us to do what we are called to do.
CS5151 - Spiritual Gifts
In this course, we will give attention to three different groups of spiritual gifts. We will call them (1) Gifts of Ministry, (2) Other Ministry Gifts, and (3) Gifts of the Spirit. The first group—Gifts of Ministry—includes those believers who Christ gives to the church to be its leaders. In the second group—Other Ministry Gifts—we will study gifts which are available to all believers. And in the final group—Gifts of the Spirit...More

CS5251 - Preaching and Teaching
Preaching and Teaching is a basic study of two biblical methods of communicating God’s Word. The student is guided in the understanding and mastery of practical ways to prepare and present lessons and sermons from Scripture....More

CS5351 - Sharing the Good News
Sharing the Good News is a practical course on the important ministry of soul-winning. Written primarily for workers in the local church, it is a how-to study of the work of sharing the good news with the object of teaching the student how to lead people to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. It is also designed to help the student learn how to teach personal soul-winning to others. Special emphasis is given to the dynamic ministr...More