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Directions to Apply & Enroll
  • Programs are collections of Courses which compliment each other.
  • Details about each Program and Course are found on the home page.
  • Courses may be taken on a stand alone basis.
  • The order listed is a suggested order.
  • Enrolling in a Program or Course also requires approval from the Registrar, Gay Borgenhagen.
  • Approval is usually granted within 24 hours of Enrollment.
  • You may contact Gay directly at or text Enroll to (920) 280-7604.
  • Throughout each Course there are self-tests for review and a final exam upon completion.
  • Successfully completiing the final exam of a Course will earn a certificate of successful completion.
  • Successfully completing all Courses within a Program will earn a certificate of completion for the Program.
  • Please consider joining a study group appropriate to your Program, Course selection, or availability.