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6th Knowing The Word
Four courses reveal what it means to become a student of the Word. Study methods, OT & NT surveys, and the main teachings repeated throughout the bible.
CS2121 - The Kingdom, the Power, & the Glory
The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory: A Survey of the New Testament will help the Christian worker gain an overall knowledge of the content of the New Testament. It emphasizes the historical setting, characteristics, and teachings of the New Testament. It will help the Christian worker understand the New Testament, gain confidence in its reliability, and become better equipped to share its truths with others....More

CS2221 - Tents, Temples, and Palaces
Tents, Temples, and Palaces gives the student an introduction to the Old Testament. It emphasizes the history of God’s people, paying special attention to God’s mighty acts and the prophetic words He gave concerning those acts. It deals with the sequence and meaning of the experiences of God’s people. It examines their relationship to Him and their successes and failures. Students will discover many truths from the Old Testament that will h...More

CS2321 - Understanding the Bible
Understanding the Bible is a course of study that interacts with you on methods of carefully organized Bible study. You will learn effective techniques for general study, then you will apply them to the Bible through study questions. Many of the answers given in the textbook to these questions are offered only as suggestions to guide you to your own answers. This study emphasizes skilled procedures of observation and interpretation as valuable ai...More

CS3131 - Cornerstones of Truth
Cornerstones of Truth: A Study of Bible Doctrine is an introductory systematic study of basic Bible doctrines. Major topics include the nature of God, the acts of God, the activities and limitations of angels, the Creation, the fall of humanity, God’s redemptive plan, the origin of Scriptures, the church, and God’s ultimate plan for humankind. The course is a practical, basic study of biblical teaching and its application in the life of the b...More